Abuse; Notice and Takedown; UDRP

1. Customer shall not use any service from for purposes that violate these terms and conditions, the applicable registry terms and conditions or applicable law, nor permit its customers (including through reselling) to do the same.

2. No domain name shall be registered or used for

2.1. the operation or control of botnets, viruses, Trojan horses or the like;

2.2. fraud or phishing;

2.3. distribution of materials with evidently defamatory, libelous, harassing, threatening, child pornographic, racist, homophobic or otherwise illegal content;

2.4. the sale or marketing of products in violation of applicable law in the target market, e.g. pharmaceutical products or weapons;

2.5. the infringement of copyright or the assistance or encouragement thereof;

2.6. terrorism or related activities, or the assistance or encouragement thereof; or

2.7. the intentional infringement of a third party’s personal name, trade name or trade mark.

3. In case Customer’s use of a service or associated resources substantially exceeds reasonable use (e.g. extremely high number of domain name information requests or registration attempts) may suspend Customer’s access to the applicable service until the matter has been discussed with Customer and an appropriate solution has been found.

4. will comply with all proper governmental or court orders regarding the provision of any information or the suspension of services in accordance with law. Further, will comply with all arbitration or similar procedures (such as provided under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) as required by the applicable domain name registries.

5. Complaints from a third party regarding Customer’s or any of its customers (including resellers and domain name holders) or violation of these terms and conditions or applicable law must be e-mailed to and shall be forwarded by to the Customer. Customer must respond within five business days to the complainant (with a copy to and promptly take sufficient measures thereafter if necessary. In case Customer does not respond or deems the measures insufficient, is entitled to take any action it deems reasonably necessary to resolve the complaint.

6. In case a disproportionate number of complaints and/or severe complaints are received about any domain names or associated content or services by regarding a (reselling or direct) customer of Customer, may demand that the agreement between Customer and its customer is terminated.

7. reserves the right to, at its discretion invoice Customer at its customary hourly rate for any action carried out under this section.